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Wills and Probate

The creation of a will is an essential part of distributing real and personal property to loved ones after someone's death. At The Law Offices of Marco A. Sanchez, we craft wills that clearly state clients' wishes so families can avoid complications stemming from vague or inconsistent wording. Our goal is to protect your assets and your family by helping you plan for the future, ultimately reducing the amount of stress that could arise after your passing. We take care to address all essential topics, and we typically create wills within a week of meeting with clients.

Types of wills in Texas

There are three types of wills commonly used in Texas:

  • Formal wills. Sometimes called attested or written wills, formal wills are typed documents created by a professional and signed by the testator — the person whose will it is — and two witnesses. Formal wills are often drafted by lawyers and are the most straightforward way to distribute belongings after the testator's death.
  • Holographic wills. Also called handwritten wills, these wills are entirely written by and then signed by the testator. No witnesses are necessary, and no typed addendums can be added.
  • Oral wills. Oral wills in Texas can only dictate the allocation of personal property, not real property or large sums of money, and can only be made when the testator is very ill and unable to create a formal or holographic will. Some oral wills necessitate the presence of three witnesses.

Probate and will contests

In addition to his work drafting and updating wills, attorney Marco A. Sanchez helps clients during probate. He works with executors throughout the probate process in an effort to ensure the testator's last wishes are respected and all assets are properly distributed. He also provides assistance with will contests and has handled contests made on grounds such as:

  • Undue influence from a third party
  • Mental incapacity
  • Illegal terms of technical faults
  • Revocation
  • The existence of another will or trust

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